BT ride to the rescue

This is the latest update to my Sky Broadband v. BT saga. At about 7pm on Saturday 29th September my contact at BT phoned to say they had managed to contact Sky directly and hope to be able to resolve the problem soon. At 11am on Sunday he phoned again to report that all should now be working. A few minutes later I received an email from by father to prove that this was indeed the case. Whilst BT had been sorting the problem out I had had two further emails from Sky Broadband. The first said my original email would not be received and that I would have to resubmit the information via a web form (there does seem to be a bit of a contradiction there…) followed 45 minutes later (and without me doing anything in the meantime) by a second email which thanked me for my email (presumably the one that hadn’t/wasn’t going to be received) and promising to reply soon.

I’ve learnt a few lessons, or more accurately relearnt a few quite old lessons:

  • Free or cheap services often cost the most
  • The likelihood of a quick resolution to a technology problem decreases exponentially in line with the number of organisations involved
  • Any problem resolution system that has a rigid set of procedures with no ability to use judgement or common sense can be disastrous for both the customer and the poor unfortunates operating the system
  • Almost whatever you’ve done to a customer, if you make an honest and concerted effort to sort the situation out, you’ve a chance of recovering the situation.

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