A lot of what I do involves helping people solve day-to-day IT problems and also suggesting ways of using their software applications more efficiently. Most of my clients are accountants either in practice or in business (yes, I know practices are also businesses!), or other professionals such as solicitors. Nearly all of them use Microsoft Office at the moment, so many of the problems and hints and tips I come across are to do with Office applications and, given the preponderance of accountants amongst my clients, particularly to do with Microsoft Excel.

So this blog will include questions and answers that I think might be of general interest, together with useful tips or products that I come across and, for light relief, some of the stranger things that happen in the world of IT.

There are often several different ways of solving the same problem so feel free to add comments.

4 responses to “About

  1. Simon
    What a splendid idea to set up this IT-tipping blog – good luck and I’ll bookmark it to help me out in my day job

  2. Simon,
    This is a great start! Good luck on the blogging journey.

  3. Simon,
    What a great idea setting this up. Beancounters will prove to be an invaluable bookmark.

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