Word 2007 – lost in the maze and found

Has anyone found the options to turn on either AutoText/Building blocks AutoComplete, or to display text boundaries – surely they’re not really lost and gone forever in the latest version are they? In fact, inspired by writing this post, I’ve just found one of them! The text boundaries option is in Word Options, Advanced, ‘Show document content’ rather than in Word Options, Display where I was looking.

In a way, I’m finding getting to grips with Office 2007 at bit like one of those old-fashioned adventure games where you blunder around in a dark maze and then occasionally triumphantly find something you’ve been looking for for ages. Help is a bit like the cryptic clues you used to get. Great fun, but not currently helping my productivity a great deal…

3 responses to “Word 2007 – lost in the maze and found

  1. Turning off the boundaries was sweet relief for my word processing experience.
    I was that pleased and excited that I had to comment you to thank you sincerely.
    GOOD JOB. =D =D

  2. This blog is so interesting. I really enjoyed reading
    it! I think this place will become my most talked about

  3. Merci Much obliged for stirring me to go do my own my own inquiry.
    Yours was way more wide-ranging than mine.

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